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Strengthen your competitive position in the market with the help from Wirtek’s strong competence in providing flexible and quality-focused sourcing services

Wirtek has a proven track record of developing and testing software-based products and solutions for global corporations  like Nokia, Texas Instruments and Microsoft as well as numerous small and medium-size companies.

A partnership with Wirtek can help you strengthen your market position by making it possible for you to develop innovative quality products and solutions and reach a faster time-to-market. It is the combination of our core competence in the field of software development and testing and a flexible, quality-focused and low-risk sourcing model that allows us to deliver significant benefits to our customers.

At our Development & Test Center in Romania, Wirtek offers secure outsourcing facilities and a quality-oriented technical staff with a proactive ‘can do’ attitude.

Service Offering

Software Development

We support our customers’ software development needs with our development expertise supported by an efficient and flexible outsourcing consultancy model that best matches the stage of your project development cycle. It is the combination of our strong competence in the field of software development, many years of experience delivering products and solutions of high quality within various industries and a flexible work model that allows us to deliver advantages that can help strengthen your position in the market.

Quality Management

Our customers need to compete in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Confidence in product qualify is a key factor to obtain credibility in the market. At Wirtek we help our customers implement Quality Assurance as part of the methods and processes in order to prevent defects from happening. Quality Assurance cannot stand alone so we also provide Quality Control services to discover defects through effective and efficient software and hardware testing before your product reaches the market.

Business Analysis & Product Management

Through business analysis we focus on developing solid requirements, analyze scope and choose best solutions to business problems within the given budget.

During project execution with can support our busy customers with proxy product management services. We can actas the domain information “go-to” person, help prioritize requirements and defects, help providing timely information and decisions and other product owner-related tasks.

User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Design

We can provide services from a User Experience design specialist who will be in charge of identifying verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks in order to create the “best” user experience for your product.

Our User Interface designers can wastly improve the usability and visual appeal of your product by creating a cohesive style guide and ensuring that a consistent design language is applied across the product.


We meet our customers’ expectations by providing services supporting the full project lifecycle, as visualized in our project lifecycle service model.


In order to meet customers’ demand for complex and quality software products, Wirtek project management is based on Agile Software Development methodology. We have created an efficient and responsive process that starts with the early project inception and, through team interactions and customer collaboration, we achieve complete software solutions of high quality.

Project Inception

Initial vision, business roadmap and initial modeling and planning are the main drivers of the Inception phase. Customer together with our business analysts and project managers are working to define the scope, build an initial set of requirements and an initial release plan.  We have found that User Experience and User Interface design documents are of a great value starting from this initial phase, to take it from a vision to a concrete set of requirements.

Iterations and incremental delivery

In the construction phase our project team takes the product backlog items and implement them during a number of iterations, called sprints. This incremental implementation is an essential approach of Agile methodologies, assuring short feedback cycles that minimize risks.

A sprint starts with a planning session. The Product Owner proposes functionalities to be implemented in the business value order. The team discusses them, estimates them and commits to implement a number of features that fit the team’s capacity during the sprint.  Testing is done during the sprint, so much of the issues are solved before the end of the iteration. At the end of each sprint, the team presents the incremental deliverable to the product owner. This deliverable, if validated, is a potential shippable product.

Each iteration creates input to the next one. Again, the customer together with our business analysts and project managers are discussing the results, plan accordingly. In this manner the product grows organically, and eventually the complete product is delivered.

While the release into production is the end of the project, Wirtek services does not finish here. The Maintenance phase just begins and keeping the software operational is part of our service offering.


Take a moment to browse some examples of our UI designs for both mobile applications and web solutions.

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