Strengthen your competitive position in the market with the help from Wirteks strong competence in providing flexible and quality-focused sourcing services.

Wirtek has a proven track record of developing and testing software-based solutions and products for numerous small- and medium-size companies as well as global corporations like Nokia, Texas Instruments and Microsoft. A partnership with Wirtek can help you strengthen your market position by making it possible for you to develop innovative quality products and solutions and reach a faster time-to-market.

It is the combination of our core competence in the field of software development and testing and a flexible, quality-focused and low-risk sourcing model that allows us to deliver significant benefits to our customers.

Human Resources

Wirtek has created and implemented many web-based and mobile applications for use by human resources professionals and employees. We have extensive market knowledge due to the many years working in this domain and the varied types of products we have created and implemented with our many clients in this field.

These are examples of solutions currently use in several European countries by tens thousands of users:

Complex human resources platform, featuring recruitment process, performance evaluation, managing complex workflows. Built using ASP .NET MVC 4 and MS SQL database and NHibernate.  Knockout and Bootstrap were used for front end. SpecFlow, Selenium, Rhino Security tools and technologies were used to ensure high performance.

Recruitment platform is part of a web human resources suite, coordinates the entire recruitment process, including: criteria compilation, job ad creation, online application, image and test file uploading, database candidate comparisons and profile management as well as information sharing among involved departments. Offered as SaaS and built with MVC 4 and MS SQL databases. Bootstrap is used for front end.


Our innovative applications enable medical professionals and patients to easily exchange critical information from multiple locations. Features include: secure data storage and transfer for patient confidentiality, instantaneous communication of text and data and integration of body sensors for reliable biometric readings. These solutions enable higher quality healthcare through increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Several examples of our products are:

Created for one of the world’s largest suppliers of tele-health solutions; a complex health monitoring application used by patients in their homes to help them manage their health. Each day the user takes readings of their vital signs using the peripherals selected for them by their clinician and they answer a series of questions about their symptoms. All of this information is then transmitted to the monitoring center for technical and clinical triage. If a patient’s readings are outside of the limits set for them operators will follow the appropriate protocol, alerting a clinician if necessary. This mobile solution was released for custom Android devices. The communication with the peripherals is made using Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth, serial cable or infrared. The network connectivity is prepared for Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G. It was built using Android SDK, Java, and Eclipse.

Designed as a non-profit autism solution to improve quality of life for teenagers with autism. By providing a mobile ICT toolset this application helps them with a more seamless integration into society through easier handling of their day-to-day tasks. It provides for the tracking of their progress, offers rewards for good feedback and allows teachers to monitor the overall development of the teenager.  It is a highly customizable learning tool to be used at home, in school, anywhere. This mobile solution was released for devices running Windows Mobile and Android. The data displayed there is synchronized through Wi-Fi with an administrative web tool used by teachers. It was built using .NET Compact Framework, Microsoft Mobile Dynamics, Android Java SDK.

A mobile solution designed and implemented for senior citizen home care. This application includes a very interactive design that enables elderly patients to quickly contact their individual caregivers which are provided by their municipalities. Receiving timely and accurate information allows caregivers to concentrate upon their core services creating efficiencies in the management of their patients. This translates into significant cost savings for the municipalities who implement this application. It was built using C++, Symbian SDK and SMS communication.

A clinical web-based solution created and implemented for effective off-site treatment of chronically ill patients. Developed together with doctors, it significantly improves treatment quality through more efficient processes. This application is designed for ease of use and enabling efficient information exchange for both physicians and patients. Due to a NDA, we cannot divulge particular names or proprietary features. It was built using Java Platform Enterprise Edition, Java Server Pages, and Microsoft SQL.


Creating better processes and effective process overviews are key factors in performance for any industrial activity seeking to deliver quality products at competitive prices. Wirtek‘s software applications enable clients to more efficiently manage: production, warehouse, supply chain, animal farms and automotive testing. Thus helping customers in achieving their goals.

Some working solutions currently helping our clients run their operations are:

An application created for an industry leader to enable mobility for their technical car inspections. This tool allows our customer to create and supervise specific inspection procedures, including: vehicle registration, visual inspection checkpoints for defects, automatic data collection for brake tests, suspensions tests and exhaust parameters. The communication with the peripheral devices is enabled using Bluetooth while the network connectivity is prepared for Wi-Fi or 3G. The solution was released for Windows RT devices and was built using Windows API for Windows Runtime apps, C#, XAML, Visual Studio.

A complex, adaptable platform designed to manage the monitoring, feeding, medicating and administration of commercial animal farms. Developed in collaboration with veterinarians and farmers, the system includes monitoring of the welfare of the animals through determining medication timing and dosage, allowing for adjustments to the daily feeding plans as well as monitoring mating and birthing occurrences. Created for Android and Windows Mobile platforms, these mobile solutions are based on a high-speed serial device communication for feeders with a complex data synchronization process with the server on multiple channels, including USB and Wi-Fi. Built using Android SDK, Java, Android Studio, .NET Compact Framework, C#, Visual Studio.

Sales automation solution is a native Android application created to manage customer orders and site visits. It enables our client to synchronize their customers, orders, inventory and GPS information through a REST mechanism with an ERP application. Built using an Android Java SDK.

Workforce Management

Used in several European countries by tens thousands of users, Wirtek’s workforce management applications implement from time and attendance registration tasks to complex workflow management, scheduling and production planning. Integration with ERP systems is an important aspect that we address for clients that already manage company data in such platforms.

These are examples of our applications currently in use:

Mobile application which enables remote workforces to register their hours and attendance at clients or worksites via their smartphone. All transactions are logged in real-time, with GPS coordinates. Gives employees access to information regarding their holiday, flextime and overtime balances. Built using Android and iOS technologies.

Unique questionnaire platform is a tool used by management for receiving from remote employees’ real-time, graphical information and statistics regarding current status, progress and goals. It is also used by companies to receive real-time, graphical information and feedback from their clients about products and services. The application is part of our client’s web human resources suite. Offered as SaaS and built using MVC 2, 3 and 4 and MS SQL database.

Solution created to improve the work environment in organizations where employees are frequently exposed to acts of violence and threats. Contains easy-to-use web-based and mobile tools for registration and analyses of incidents as well as tracking of preventive actions and employee exposure towards violence and threats. Built using MVC 4, Entity Framework 6, and Microsoft SQL Server database, Android and iOS technologies.

Document Management

As an integral part of business process optimization, document management applications create the necessary environment for users to be efficient and productive. To achieve this Wirtek implemented applications feature: secure storage, legal compliance, multiple template management, brand compatibility as well as revision control.

A long-term client created a separate startup company for a project which we began together in 2013. This product was launched onto the market in 2014 and already has over 25,000 users. This client is working with us to continue to scale the product while insuring stability and flexibility, all in preparation for increasing their market share by serving over 100,000 users in the next 8 – 12 months.


For our customers, that plan, design, build, operate or test communication networks we build solutions that increase end-user productivity, run automatic calculations and workflows. We help our clients using many different types of software for telecommunication, ranging from simple modules that handle messaging or file transfer to software that manages the function for computer networks or mobile voice and data communication.

Our quality testing of client telecommunication devices is a critical aspect in providing reliable communication, in real time for handheld devices, audio equipment or data networks.

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