Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

It is Wirtek’s wish to be perceived as an environmentally friendly and respected service provider and business partner. Hence the need to create sustainable growth whilst reducing waste and energy consumption and constantly improving our environmental consciousness throughout the business.

That also applies for the development of new areas of business as well as the improvement of existing products where the environmental aspect is integrated with the technical and economic considerations.

In our quest for greater environmental friendliness, we demand environmentally friendly products and services of our suppliers.

We strive towards

Own product development
– using of environmentally friendly solutions to the greatest possible extent taking into account the technical and economic aspects

– reducing consumption and waste of energy, raw materials, and other resources

– reducing the amount of waste through organized separation and being recycling-minded
– minimising packaging consumption through the use of reusable or recyclable packaging to the greatest possible extent

– demanding environmentally friendly products and services wherever possible

– encouraging openness, dialog and environmental cooperation in our dealings with employees, clients, business partners, and suppliers

– pulling together as a unit
– motivating Wirtek’s employees to show environmental responsibility, including protection of the environment, colleagues, and themselves

– abiding by the laws in force, regulations concerning the environment and work environment

Continuous improvement
– reducing the energy consumption and the amount of waste through continuous process and production optimisation

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